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Welcome To Girls Day Fitness & Spa!


A branch off of our original Fitness Adventure/Extended Personal Training concept; 1Team Fitness(, Girls Day Fitness and Spa is a combination of fitness, luxury, pampering and relaxation.   With emphasis on escaping the norm, we emulate what a typical girls day would include, and add a fitness and health aspect to it, along with beach hotel accommodations. 


A Unique Concept Of Fitness and Pampering Unlike Any Other!



Girls Day Fitness, is a combination of non-traditional fitness, combined with a weight loss camps motivational atmosphere, and the tranquil feel of a spa retreat.   We incorporate multiple facets of training and outdoor fitness activities, all revolving around getting results and having fun!!

We are different from your average fitness retreat.  With a lot of our fitness activities taking place outdoors, our guests can indulge in Florida's vast array of natural beauties including its sandy beaches, state parks, animal life, blue waters and more!  Our fitness programs are all-inclusive and specific to each guest and their fitness goals. We believe that establishing a great relationship with our guests from the start is vital to their success at Girls Day Fitness. Creating a special bond that lasts long after you leave is our priority!



Because You Deserve It!


You deserve more than just one day of spoiling and pampering!! Girls Day Fitness Retreats allows you to enjoy the luxuries of a typical girls day as long as you want! The best part is, the more girlfriends you book with and the longer you stay, the more you save! 

Multiple spa treatment and packages are available for you, from mani and pedis to facials and massages!! The choice is yours. Not only will you be working with some of the best certified trainers and  health experts, but you will also enjoy top of the line spa services and hotel accommodations.  Rejuvenate and relax with Florida's best women's only fitness and spa retreat.  

Trainers & Staff

Coach Kyle:


Coach Kyle has been a Certified Personal Trainer and health coach for 8 years.  As the co-owner of Girls Day Fitness, Kyle's interest in the success of his guests' fitness and health goals reaches well beyond just being their trainer and health coach.."Building genuine friendships that last long after my guests leave is my goal, I want them to be able to call or text me anytime whether to just say hi or with questions pertaining to fitness and health.".  Coach Kyle graduated from SUNY Cortland with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science/Kinesiology and an Associates in Sports Management. He believes in the fitness philosophy of Progress not Perfection.  His positive attitude and motivation is contagious!!

Coach Eddie: 


Coach Eddie has been a Certified Personal Trainer for 10 years. Eddie went to the University of FL where he studied Exercise Science. His passion for fitness and health stemmed at a young age and continues to be a huge part of his life!  As a collegiate athlete, Eddie knows the values and dedication needed to be fit and healthy and how to reach fitness goals.  Eddie’s positive attitude and energy is what separates him from the rest!

Coach Karen:

Coach Karen is a vital part of the success of Girls Day Fitness! Her devotion to fitness and health has changed many lives including her own!! She is living proof that hard work pays off as she has lost over 80lbs on her fitness journey to becoming a Health Coach and Co-Owner of Girls Day Fitness and 1Team Fitness!!  

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